Give me some Zombies for Christmas!!

With only few days for the Christmas holidays, it's time to decide what gifts are we going to enjoy these wonderful days between the heavy meals and the stories that our dear grandparents are willing to tell us (again XD). Here goes my recommendations...

Just in case you are not from this planet, I want to recommend you Left 4 Dead 2, I bought the game last week and it has been some time since a game wasn't surprise like this. For me the key is the casual appealing that it has, I mean, I can make fast great plays of 15-30 minutes or enjoy a full story, because you will always find people willing to join with you in the party.

Apart from that, this Christmas (exactly Friday 25) arrives in the theaters of my country ZombieLand. I didn't know a better movie to see that day.

Well, I think that I've stuff enough to enjoy these holidays and I wish you to all of you a Good Zombie Christmas and a New Apocalyptic Year ;)

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