3 Million Views & Video Challenge Prize

Today Zombie Baseball has hit the milestone of 3 million of views since it was released the 24 of October of 2008. To celebrate it, the first person who record a gameplay video with a better combo of heads knock off in a row (actually 24 heads by Bl@moid) will receive a prize of 100$ through PayPal. So before begin, be sure that you have an account in PayPal. You will find the instructions how to record a video in the High Score Page.

Finally, just to recommend you some great stuff you can find in the web:

Eternal Red: If you like tower defense games, there are a lot of chances that you will enjoy this title. It mixes platform elements with defense elements everything with an amazing art style.

Frost'D: Maybe this short clip is the most scary thing seen about this Christmas season. Beware to show this clip to your young brothers/sisters even my mother got a little bit anxious with it.

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