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Give me some Zombies for Christmas!!

With only few days for the Christmas holidays, it's time to decide what gifts are we going to enjoy these wonderful days between the heavy meals and the stories that our dear grandparents are willing to tell us (again XD). Here goes my recommendations...

New Zombie Baseball 2!!!!

Zombie Baseball 2: Chain Combo Factor Finally your favorite baseball player has come back to show the nasty zombies that he has many ways to crush zombies. More than 10 possible combos you can use to smash all the zombies that are in your way to the truth of the terrible infection.

Zombie Baseball 2: Trailer

Halloween season is just arriving. Nothing best to heat up the party that a trailer of the upcoming Zombie Baseball 2: Chain Combo Factor game. Zombies, beware of the children with bats from now on!!! XD

The perfect game for IPhone/IPod Touch

After several months of hard work, finally the game Zombie Baseball is ready for sale for IPhone/IPod Touch. So if you enjoyed the Flash version don't miss this game, because you will enjoy knocking off heads everywhere... so don't get confused with the reality specially because you will see some zombies this Halloween XD

3 Million Views & Video Challenge Prize

Today Zombie Baseball has hit the milestone of 3 million of views since it was released the 24 of October of 2008. To celebrate it, the first person who record a gameplay video with a better combo of heads knock off in a row (actually 24 heads by Bl@moid) will receive a prize of 100$ through PayPal. So before begin, be sure that you have an account in PayPal.

Fallen Angel

Today I would like to recommend Fallen Angel a Flash production that I hope that will affect on millions of people.

If you still don't believe in the power of this kind of Flash animations to reach the audience, this movie will definitely change your mind. Even if the history has been seen a dozen of times before, it's extraordinary well executed, the rhythm of action is extremely fluent. You will be absorbed by the story from the first seconds of the movie in a really well defined devastated world.

Recommended books

Because a good player enjoys from a lot different stuff, here is a collection of recommended books if you like these sad worlds full of extreme situations.

The Road: Actually I'm reading this book and it's terrible good. Maybe it's one of the best stories to show to the politicians to realize about the stupidity of nuclear war.

My initial head combo

My initial max combo recorded... who was going to imagine in the moment I made it that there were some people like "FrikiTenerife" that will make a combo of 105 heads in a row.

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